From time to time I like to create small projects to pass the time or to solve a problem I'm having. Sometimes I finish them, sometimes I don't. But I always end up learning something and, more importantly, I always have fun.


Presents colors and their CSS values.


Just a user script to allow comment collapsing on Hacker News. Unlike some other scripts that do the same this one persists across page loads thanks to window.localStorage.

This has since been made useless because this exact feature was added to the site not long after I made this.


A library that provides a simple DSL for seeding databases through Ecto.


A library that abuses C pre-processor macros to generate code for array data structures for nearly any underlying datatype.


Simple program that glues together FLAC and LAME to automate the process of converting FLAC to MP3 while preserving meta tags.

Media Streamer

A simple music server using Sinatra.

Media Streamer Client

An iOS client for the above music server.


Generates a spritesheet from a zip file with images in it.


Integer Bignum library for Simula.


A simple TCP server which pipes incoming requests through dynamically loaded libraries which process the request and pass it along to the next one. Loosly modeled after plug. Currently not very useful.

Rosetta Euler

An attempt at a chrestomathy of solutions to problems from Project Euler.